Who Killed the Newspaper?

October 17, 2008

After out class discussion about the newspaper and how its loses more readers each year I decided to look more into it. I found a interesting article Who Killed the newspaper? that talks about the declining trend but states it is nothing to panic about. A quote of the article I found most true was when the author wrote “Of all the “old” media, newspapers have the most to lose from the internet.” Think about it what are the old media’s? Movies, books, music studios, and newspapers. I personally would look online for a quick news update of my favorite presidential candidate then to read an entire book online, or even watch an entire movie online.

It seems everything from newspapers is shifting to online, advertisers would much rather reach a larger audience on the net and sites seem to have a good way of matching buyers and sellers based on what people are into. The same goes for classified ads

Another site I found took a poll to look at the declining readers of newspapers Do you still read newspapers? When asking how many print newspapers did you read on a typical day in 1998 13% said none…when asked about today 35% said none