October 8, 2008

After looking around at some different categories of podcast on Itunes i stumbled upon a pilates podcasts which I found pretty useful. I work out often so I found it useful to have a exercise show online, the only downfall is each segment is only 1-2 minutes each so its constant stopping. I was also able to find a yoga and lots of other fitness related podcasts.


Twitter Tools

October 1, 2008

I am amazed that before this class I had not even heard of twitter before. Now doing a google search on twitter tools I have found over 140 tools. Very interesting. Tools like Twibler where you can post your ebay listings to twitter, tweetlater where you can schedule your twitter posts for later and twitslikeme where you can search for other twitter users who have the same interest as you. I guess twitter isn’t as simple as I thought.

The twittertool that I found answered a topic I had in my previous. That these social networking tools can sometimes get people in trouble. The tool Twitterblacklist list profiles of people who have been blacklisted. Too bad for them.


October 1, 2008

To me Twitter just seems like another website which makes it possible for people to self promote themselves such as facebook, and myspace. Except this one is less complicated. It seems as though twitter is another social networking tool, but this one has been picked up by major companies and universities as well to help communication flow between workers and students.

Twitter seems pretty simple. Quick easy updates that lets intended viewers know what you are up to. I like the fact that you can send your updates through text messaging or emails. It allows for a better connected world. As always, sites like these although intended for good do always find a way to get a select few in trouble so I am waiting to see how that may come about.


September 24, 2008

NewsCred is a site built to help news readers find credible sources. Although the site is a good idea I feel like allow users to rate the credibility of stories, authors and publications could lead to some problems down the road. I agree with Marisa Peacock when she says “But isn’t rating a biased measurement?”. The site says it doesn’t rely on popularity, but I would think with users rating popularity might still be a factor to consider. I do not agree fully with this article however because it seems as though it is just written from the views of journalists who are offended by the fact that readers get a say in their writings. After looking at the NewsCred sight they post their Analytics and top 50 credible news sources along with tabs to look at top journalists, bloggers and others rated by viewers.

As We May Think

September 3, 2008

After Reading the Article As we May Think by Vannevar Bush, I saw it as strengthening the argument that many individuals claim today; We live in an age of technology. I found it interesting that it was written in the 40’s…long before much of the everyday technology we use today was invented. It was already seen even back then that mankind was turning towards technology.

I especially liked how certain scientists like biologists, and physicists who are suppose to use their knowledge and intelligence for good have been using it to create gadgets and tools for destruction against enemys. It is both amazing and scary to see what human intelligence can think up.

An article title Read this Article if you think technology is bad is bad has a good argument on technology being down natural human. It questions whether technology really is the problem or if it is just a change in human interaction in general. It even goes as far as to say technology is prostituting what is is to be human. I very interesting perspective I think.