October 1, 2008

To me Twitter just seems like another website which makes it possible for people to self promote themselves such as facebook, and myspace. Except this one is less complicated. It seems as though twitter is another social networking tool, but this one has been picked up by major companies and universities as well to help communication flow between workers and students.

Twitter seems pretty simple. Quick easy updates that lets intended viewers know what you are up to. I like the fact that you can send your updates through text messaging or emails. It allows for a better connected world. As always, sites like these although intended for good do always find a way to get a select few in trouble so I am waiting to see how that may come about.


One Response to “Twitter”

  1. shadae Says:

    Yea i also think twitter as one of those self promoting sites like myspace for example. But compared to other accounts we setup in class twitter was very easy. I think its OK a person is connected with any and everybody but like I’m kind of waiting for the bad side of twitter to emerge. Cause to me it’s bond to happen with sites like this I mean you had it with certain security flaws with facebook and so many with myspace … like when the girl committed suicide or something. And from reading the article about the riots at the Republican convention that was told through twitter im sure the bad news may be sooner then we think.

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