Screencast Youtube issues

October 28, 2008

So I finished my screencast 2 days ago…and for some reason Youtube will not let me upload it…I even had friends try to help me but no such luck…Just when I thought the process was going to be easy!


The youtube Phenomena

October 21, 2008

So what exactly does YouTube mean to me? I’ve never been the type to give any thought into it, I used it to search for cheerleading videos of teams I have been on and movie clips I found interesting. Never to watch home videos of a infant Charlie biting a little boys finger or even to watch the star wars boy. Until now I never realized that YouTube was a way for regular people to express themselves, free media at its best. It is fascinating that the world has come to a time where I can buy a webcam spill all my thoughts on a subject of interest to me and watch as people I never met react to it.

I will admit when I saw the length to An Anthropological Introduction to YouTubeI,  figured I would skim my way through to get the overall gist of the speech but it immediately caught my eye and that of a friend. Brilliant in his words and the way he directs his students to partake in this YouTube community. The video touched on many points I found interesting, one of them being your YouTube “Identity”. How you present yourself directly affects who watches your video and likes it. Another point i liked was being “fake” on YouTube in vblogs…in my opinion even if a vblog is scripted it is still a form of expression and reaching the people it wants to reach. I wanted to see another viewpoint of YouTube so I discussed the video with him. He said he enjoyed the work of video because it gave an insight into what goes on in YouTube. When asking him what kind of videos he watches he said he typically views TV show clips and funny videos.

I watch a video on YouTube To M Fellow Vloggers,  that a found from a vblogger talking about how YouTube just isn’t what it used to be. It was linked to an article titled It\’s Official YouTube Sucks.  The video is from a woman who speaks about how the YouTube “community” has been talking about how recent videos have been playing it safe and content is for the most part boring. The vblogger speaks about how she too is guilty of playing it safe because she has gotten hatred for speaking her mind. Maybe risk-taking has slowed down on YouTube in terms of expression because fear of criticism possibly? Maybe it is something to look into.

Who Killed the Newspaper?

October 17, 2008

After out class discussion about the newspaper and how its loses more readers each year I decided to look more into it. I found a interesting article Who Killed the newspaper? that talks about the declining trend but states it is nothing to panic about. A quote of the article I found most true was when the author wrote “Of all the “old” media, newspapers have the most to lose from the internet.” Think about it what are the old media’s? Movies, books, music studios, and newspapers. I personally would look online for a quick news update of my favorite presidential candidate then to read an entire book online, or even watch an entire movie online.

It seems everything from newspapers is shifting to online, advertisers would much rather reach a larger audience on the net and sites seem to have a good way of matching buyers and sellers based on what people are into. The same goes for classified ads

Another site I found took a poll to look at the declining readers of newspapers Do you still read newspapers? When asking how many print newspapers did you read on a typical day in 1998 13% said none…when asked about today 35% said none


October 8, 2008

After looking around at some different categories of podcast on Itunes i stumbled upon a pilates podcasts which I found pretty useful. I work out often so I found it useful to have a exercise show online, the only downfall is each segment is only 1-2 minutes each so its constant stopping. I was also able to find a yoga and lots of other fitness related podcasts.

Twitter Tools

October 1, 2008

I am amazed that before this class I had not even heard of twitter before. Now doing a google search on twitter tools I have found over 140 tools. Very interesting. Tools like Twibler where you can post your ebay listings to twitter, tweetlater where you can schedule your twitter posts for later and twitslikeme where you can search for other twitter users who have the same interest as you. I guess twitter isn’t as simple as I thought.

The twittertool that I found answered a topic I had in my previous. That these social networking tools can sometimes get people in trouble. The tool Twitterblacklist list profiles of people who have been blacklisted. Too bad for them.


October 1, 2008

To me Twitter just seems like another website which makes it possible for people to self promote themselves such as facebook, and myspace. Except this one is less complicated. It seems as though twitter is another social networking tool, but this one has been picked up by major companies and universities as well to help communication flow between workers and students.

Twitter seems pretty simple. Quick easy updates that lets intended viewers know what you are up to. I like the fact that you can send your updates through text messaging or emails. It allows for a better connected world. As always, sites like these although intended for good do always find a way to get a select few in trouble so I am waiting to see how that may come about.