September 24, 2008

NewsCred is a site built to help news readers find credible sources. Although the site is a good idea I feel like allow users to rate the credibility of stories, authors and publications could lead to some problems down the road. I agree with Marisa Peacock when she says “But isn’t rating a biased measurement?”. The site says it doesn’t rely on popularity, but I would think with users rating popularity might still be a factor to consider. I do not agree fully with this article however because it seems as though it is just written from the views of journalists who are offended by the fact that readers get a say in their writings. After looking at the NewsCred sight they post their Analytics and top 50 credible news sources along with tabs to look at top journalists, bloggers and others rated by viewers.


2 Responses to “NewsCred”

  1. Jeff Nugent Says:

    So, what do you think about NewsCred posting their 50 most credible sites? Can you share a little more about what you are thinking here?

  2. Sthompson4 Says:

    I like the fact that they post their Top 50 cause people like me who really don’t read much into the news can get an idea of who to trust, like we said in class people do tend to rely more on social networking responses from others like us…however I do wonder how often that list might change.

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