Is Google making us stupid?

September 10, 2008

What amazed me the most about this Article is the fact that the second paragraph pretty much sums up how my own brain activity since advancements in the Internet. I too can tell that I do not think nearly as much as I need to since I have something else that can do i for me. The amount of books I have read since high school has decreased significantly each year mainly because I do not have the patient to sit and read like I used to. In other words I want quick results, fast, with the least amount of thinking as possible.

I knew before reading this, that its not that I have become lazy in the research methods for assignments for school. Its more of the fact that I can do it quick and easy on web. No need to leave my room for a serious project that needs scholarly references. I know in my old high school, each year for our big english papers they made i a point hat students had to physically go to the library and obtain a certain number of references from books in there. Probably so our generation can atleast get a feel what true research is about.

It is actually kind of scary knowing how easily our mind can change and our behaviors can be shaped with the internet, who knows what will happen from here.


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