Getting Past Google

September 10, 2008

I think this article is important for anybody my age to read. Everyday college and high schools students use facebook, myspace, and other social connectors to post pics, and share laughs with friends without realizing that just about anybody can be viewing that information at any given time. After talking to some other friends however, I know they have said that they only post pics and information that they feel is not harmful if the wrong eyes came across it. While this is true it makes me worry about younger kids who may not be so censored. I too was alittle startled last year when my mother asked me once “when did you go to the beach?” I was thinking to myself how did you know I went to the beach? She said to me I did a google search on you and your myspace page came up and I saw your pics. Since then I realized just how easy it is for anybody to gain access into my or others lives.


One Response to “Getting Past Google”

  1. Jeff Nugent Says:

    Interesting lesson from Mom. I’d be curious about what you think is needed / necessary knowledge for students to learn so they can develop more of an awareness of what it means to create an online identity. Or do you think anything is needed at all?

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