As We May Think

September 3, 2008

After Reading the Article As we May Think by Vannevar Bush, I saw it as strengthening the argument that many individuals claim today; We live in an age of technology. I found it interesting that it was written in the 40’s…long before much of the everyday technology we use today was invented. It was already seen even back then that mankind was turning towards technology.

I especially liked how certain scientists like biologists, and physicists who are suppose to use their knowledge and intelligence for good have been using it to create gadgets and tools for destruction against enemys. It is both amazing and scary to see what human intelligence can think up.

An article title Read this Article if you think technology is bad is bad has a good argument on technology being down natural human. It questions whether technology really is the problem or if it is just a change in human interaction in general. It even goes as far as to say technology is prostituting what is is to be human. I very interesting perspective I think.


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